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4/86 Shore St West, Cleveland, Queensland, 4163

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Monday to Friday: 7:30AM - 4PM
Weekend: Closed

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Trusted tyre brands at great prices

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Tyres Sourced for Your Make and Model

If you don’t have the time to get your car serviced and then go get the tyres done, leave it with us and we can do it all in the one spot.

If you’re on a budget, we can source the best priced tyres for your vehicle. We use trusted brands and can source them at great prices. Best of all – it saves you time because it’s all done in the one spot.

If you want a particular brand, we’ll get it for you.

All our tyre prices include free fitting and balancing.

Local, Trusted Auto Mechanics In Cleveland, QLD

Our conveniently located auto workshop is in Cleveland, on Brisbane’s Bayside.
And we’re an easy 10-minute walk from the Cleveland Railway Station (700m). Call us Ph: 07 3286 2583

4/86 Shore St West, Cleveland, Queensland, 4163

We're here to take care of your car! Call us now to book your Service & Tyres

Trusted Tyre Brands

We repair and service a wide range of vehicles