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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Get a pre-purchase inspection from a qualified mechanic

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PrePurchase Vehicle Inspections - Don’t Buy Someone’s Problem

Buying, selling, just moved to sunny Qld, looking to buy a 2nd hand car but unsure what to look for or what big money items might be due soon. No problem, bring the vehicle in for an efficient Pre-Purchase or Roadworthy inspection before buying.

If you’re keen on buying a used car, get a full inspection beforehand to avoid any nasty surprises.

A complete inspection can make sure you avoid costly breakdowns and make sure your vehicle is in a safe condition, or prevent the mistake of buying a lemon! A standard safety certificate inspection only covers the basics and won’t tell you what’s really going on.

Bring in your vehicle before you buy, and we’ll tell you what you might be up against and what it will cost to fix it.

PreHoliday Vehicle Inspections - Avoid a costly breakdown

As well as Pre-Purchase Inspections, we also recommend you get a full inspection on your vehicle if you’re about to set off on a road trip to avoid a costly breakdown during your travels and make sure your car is in a safe condition.

Bring your vehicle in to us before you head off, and we’ll let you know if there’s anything you need to get repaired and the cost involved.

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Our conveniently located auto workshop is in Cleveland, on Brisbane’s Bayside.
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4/86 Shore St West, Cleveland, Queensland, 4163

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